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Tips And Tricks while attending the interview.
Whether you’re a manager or not, consider the following checklist the next time an interview is about to commence. As an interviewee, these actions might give you a competitive edge. As an interviewer, they might help set your standards on how you rate potential candidates.
Be punctual. If necessary, drive to the interview location the day before to ensure you know how to get there
Prepare for the interview. Research the company and its products and services, and make sure you know the company’s correct name. Stating the wrong name probably won’t earn you a second interview
Relax and be yourself. So many times, people stress over a job interview. Your best bet is to be the best, professional version of yourself, and look at an interview as an adventure. You are likely to learn something new and useful, even if you aren’t the right person for the job.
Smile and be friendly. An interview is not the time to be shy. A warm smile goes a long way toward establishing a good first impression and rapport with the interviewer
Use a firm handshake and direct eye contact. A limp handshake or lack of eye contact can make you appear ill-at-ease and possibly less than honest.
Bring copies of your resume and portfolio. Interviewers don’t always have a copy of your resume available and you will seem ultra-prepared if you have extras. A leather portfolio containing samples of your work is also impressive. Of course, the type of job you are applying for dictates what goes in your portfolio.
Look the part. You want your potential employer to be able to visualize you in the role. Good grooming and professional appearance are important. Even if you know the office is typically business casual, a well-fitting suit makes an excellent first impression.
Ask questions. Make sure you have prepared a few questions ahead of time. Typically, interviewers gauge your interest in the position by whether you ask questions.
Bring a planner or pad of paper and a pen. This way, you can take notes or even write down your questions if you tend to get nervous.
Write a thank-you note. Make sure you get business cards from every person who interviews you and send a handwritten note to each one. Make sure you spell their names correctly. So few people write thank-you notes that this alone will create a positive impression.
First impressions count Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. Give eye contact. Try to make small talk during the walk from the reception area to the interview room. Liz Anderson, a human resources manager says, “You have to sell yourself before you can sell anything else and the first 30 seconds are when the interviewer subconsciously makes decisions about whether they like you or not and whether you will fit into the team.”
Be prepared Re-read your CV and the job advert just before the interview. Do your research thoroughly: Look at the company web site or obtain literature. You may be asked about the salary you are after so make sure you research that as well.
Don’t waffle Answer questions properly – even if you need a few moments’ silence to collect your thoughts. Anderson advises, “It’s better to say you need a minute to think about your answer rather than speak instantly and regret it afterwards.”
Why should they hire you? Most job adverts will list qualities they’re looking for – a team worker, a good communicator – so it’s up to you to think of examples of how you can demonstrate these skills. Be ready to talk about your knowledge, experience, abilities and skills. Have at least three strong points about yourself that you can relate to the company and job on offer.
Be positive Your interviewer will be thinking about what it would be like to work with you, so the last thing they’ll want to hear is you talking about your boss or current colleagues behind their back. Interviewers like to see someone who enjoys a challenge and is enthusiastic.
Remember your body language It is not what you say, but how you say it. During the interview, do not fold your arms and lean back or look to the floor! Sit upright and try to maintain good eye contact. Use your hands and lean forward when making a point. Many people cannot think and control their body language at the same time, which is why you need to prepare.
Expect the unexpected Your interviewer may try to catch you off guard: A survey by OfficeAngels has revealed that 90 per cent of employers ask ‘killer’ questions in interviews. It is impossible to plan for every difficult question, such as “How would your colleagues describe you?” but try to appear relaxed and in control. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question if necessary but do not evade it. Hopefully you will not befall the fate of those job candidates at B&Q who were asked to dance to “Blame it on the Boogie”!
Develop rapport Show energy, a sense of humour and smile. Jean Smith, a social anthropologist says: “It’s infectious, being positive and enthusiastic.” Ask your interviewer questions about themselves and any issues the business is facing.
Clarify anything you are unsure of If you are not certain what are meant by a particular question, ask for clarification. At the end, ask the interviewer if there is anything else he or she needs to know about. Do not be afraid to ask when you are likely to hear if you have been successful or not
Remember your manners It is better to choose than to be chosen. Tell the interviewer why you are interested in the company and job opportunity. Ask them for a business card and follow it up by sending a “thank-you” e-mail or letter, saying how much you enjoyed meeting them and how interested you are. Take the opportunity to detail the key advantages you bring.

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